GSC Amusing Race

 Photos from the Bollywood Night will be uploaded soon. Have a lot of stuff to be done with the videos and all. Wait for it!

IMG_9695.jpgA little bit of stretching before getting physical.

IMG_9697.jpg IMG_9713.jpg IMG_9722.jpg Bee Choo looking for the JKR clue. What was the answer anyway?

IMG_9727.jpg No hands candy picking.

IMG_9731.jpg IMG_9733.jpg IMG_9745.jpg IMG_9747.jpg IMG_9752.jpg IMG_9761.jpg IMG_9780.jpg Direct hit!

IMG_9781.jpg IMG_9785.jpg Amir running with a passion.

IMG_9788.jpg IMG_9792.jpg IMG_9804.jpg IMG_9823.jpg Inspection time.IMG_9797.jpg IMG_9813.jpg IMG_9811.jpg

Two from Saturday


The fifteen minute boatride are always awesome with the view and the breeze and everything.


Imran being sleepy.

Imran in HD

A test shot with the 7D. Manual focusing during handheld is hard. The sound is out of sync for some reason. It was ok when I exported it from the editor. Vimeo must have screwed it up. I’ll look into that later. It’s 4 AM.


A collection of images by Ali Amir Mokhtar.



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